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At Rioja, we have a fantastic selection of authentic Spanish tapas for you to try. Our chefs have just landed from Madrid and have worked in some of the best tapas bars and restaurants in Spains capital, so why not come and join us and see what you think.


Albondigas (Gluten Free)

Rioja's special meatballs recipe made with fresh minced beef and coriander, served in a delicious tomato sauce

Pollo y Chorizo (Gluten Free)

Chicken breast pieces, Spanish chorizo, sliced red peppers cooked in a creamy tomato and paprika sauce

Chorizo en Vino Tinto (Gluten Free)

Flavoursome pan fried Spanish chorizo cooked in a rich red wine sauce

Risotto con Setas (Gluten Free)

Wild mushroom Risotto made with Arborio rice, porcini mushrooms, white onion and a touch of white wine, topped with shavings of rennet free parmesan cheese, parsley and olive oil

Res y Cebolla (Gluten Free)

Thinly sliced tender beef steak sauteed with sweet caramalised onions, garlic and red peppers

Cordero en Vino Tinto

Tender lamb pieces slowly braised in red wine, onions and fresh thyme

Pincho de Halloumi (Gluten Free)

Grilled halloumi skewer

Chorizo con Huevo y Patatas (Gluten Free)

Crispy sliced potatoes sauteed with chorizo topped with a free range egg

Pincho de Pollo (Gluten Free)

Grilled chicken breast, marinated with paprika and cumin served with red peppers on a skewer

Berenjenas Al Horno (Gluten Free)

Oven baked aubergine layers cooked with a fresh tomato and rennet free parmesan cheese sauce

Jamon y Queso de Cabra (Gluten Free)

Oven baked goats cheese, wrapped in Serrano ham and served on a bed of caramalised onions

Champinones con Queso de Cabra (Gluten Free)

Mixed mushrooms and fresh spinach leaves topped with creamy goats cheese

Gambas Tigres

Breaded tiger prawns served with a tangy garlic mayonnaise

Esparragos Trigueros (Gluten Free)

Grilled asparagus served on a bed of spinach, tomatoes and machego cheese

Croquetas de Jamon Serrano

Delicious homemade Serrano Ham croquets

Salteado de Champinones Al Ajillo (Gluten Free)

Sauteed garlic mushrooms cooked with thyme and a touch of white wine


Tender pork spare ribs cooked in a tangy barbeque and orange sauce

Pimientos y Huevos con Patatas crujientes

Crispy potatoes sauteed with red peppers and topped with a free range egg

Asado de Verduras (Gluten Free)

A selection of fresh roasted Mediterranean vegetables tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Merluza Fresca (Gluten Free)

Succulent and fresh hake served on a bed of Cannellini bean salsa made with onions, red peppers and basil oil

Calamares a la Andaluz

Lightly fried, crispy squid sprinkled with a touch of green and red chillies - served with a garlic mayo dip

Mozzarella y Jamon – (Gluten Free)

Fresh melted mozzarella pieces wrapped in crispy Serrano ham

Patatas Dulces y Pimientos (Gluten Free)

Roasted sweet potatoes and red peppers with a hint of chilli, garlic, herbs & spices


Aceitunas (Gluten Free)

Fresh Spanish olives drizzled in lemon juice, mixed herbs and basil oil

Tortilla Espanola (Gluten Free)

Traditional Spanish omelette made with free range eggs, potatoes and onions

Ensalada Feta (Gluten Free)

Greek style salad, made with Feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh chillies & olive oil

Tomate, Mozzarella y Basilico (Gluten Free)

Fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, mixed olives and fresh basil leaves drizzled in olive oil

Boquerones (Gluten Free)

WHite Anchovy fillets marinated in parsley, garlic and a lemon dressing

Tabla de Jamones

Spanish meat board with Serrano Ham and Lomo