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Cocktail List



1. Mojito Mojito translates as “a little soul” and is famed for its refreshing qualities. In Rioja we muddle fresh lime, sugar and mint, load it with Bacardi White Rum and add a dash of soda. Delicious! 2. Fruit Mojito (Strawberry or Raspberry) Let us add a little fruit to your favourite cocktail, strawberry or raspberry anyone? 3. Brazilian Mojito The mojito takes a trip south! Cachaça replaces the rum in the legendary Cuban favourite for something a little different. 4. Daiquiri Pre- revolutionary Havana – casinos, yachts and movie stars. Step back in time and gracefully sip this decadent classic Cuban cocktail. The base is Bacardi white rum, enhanced with lime juice and sugar syrup. 5. Fruit Daiquiri (Strawberry or Raspberry) If you fancy a fruity twist why not add strawberry or raspberry? 6. Tequila Sunrise A large measure of tequila, orange juice and a drizzle of grenadine (pomegranate) syrup. 7. Margarita Tequila, fresh lime juice and orange liquor. Actress Marjorie King was supposedly the inspiration for this world-famous cocktail when she visited a restaurant (Rancho La Gloria) near Tijuana, Mexico in 1948. Add Raspberry / Strawberry / Passion Fruit 7.25 8. Caipirinha The perfect blend of cachaça, fresh lime and sugar whipped over crushed ice and poured straight into your glass. Unique and refreshing. 9. Bramble A perfectly balanced drink from 1980’s London. Gordons gin, lemon and sugar served over crushed ice with a drizzle of crème de mure. 10. Cuba Libre Invented in a Cuban bar in 1900, this drink was used as a toast during the Spanish-American war. The name translates as “Free Cuba”; in Cuban we use Bacardi White rum, fresh lime and top with Pepsi Cola. 11. Espresso Martini Vodka, Kahlua, Vanilla and a shot of freshly drawn espresso. Guaranteed to keep you dancing to those Spanish tunes! 12. Long Island Iced Tea The classic cocktail certainly packs a punch! It includes vodka, gin, rum and orange liqueur all shaken to perfection and served in a tall glass with Coca-Cola. 13. Aperol Spritz Summery Italian experience. Aperol, prosecco and a splash of soda, garnished with fresh orange. 14. Bellini (Peach, Strawberry or Raspberry) 5.00 Stylish and luxurious, prosecco with peach puree. What a classic! Let us add some more flavours - strawberry or raspberry. 15. Pina Colada 6.95 Bacardi, Malibu, fresh pineapple, coconut syrup and cream. A delicious and timeless classic. Why not try our Raspberry or Strawberry Colada too! 16. Old Fashioned The name references the combination of age, perhaps the first drink to be named a cocktail. Here we combined Bulleit, Angostura Bitters with sugar. 17. Mai-Tai Meaning “out of this world”. Our recipe combines Appleton Signature rum, Bacardi White rum, Orgeat syrup, Cointreau, Goslings rum and fresh lime. Served string and short. 18. Dark ‘N’ Stormy Goslings Black Seal rum “signature drink”. A large glug of Goslings, a couple of squeezes of lime topped with ginger beer. 19. Porn Star Martini Here at Rioja we use vodka, passionfruit juice and puree, lemon. Served with a shot of prosecco on the side. 20. Amaretto Sours Amaretto, Whisky or Gin – We use Jack Daniels/Disaronno or Gordons Gin. 21. Sex on the Beach Vodka, Archers, Orange and Cranberry juice. 22. Elderflower Collins Gin, Elderflower, Sugar and Lemon 23. Zombie 3 different rums mixed with tropical juices. The strongest cocktail of all! MOCKTAILS 20. Strawberry Lemonade 21. Rioja’s Punch 22. Orange Twist